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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where are we now?

It's been about a year and a half since Bush left office. So where the hell are we after having the worst president this country ever had (yes, I know he was ranked fourth by historians, but I personally think they were just being "nice")? Now, Obama is president; certainly a few steps back in the right direction. With all my concerns and disagreements with Obama on certain issues, I approve of the overall job he's doing (although this oil spill aftermath is really testing my patience).

But did you really think that once Bush left office that that was it? Oh no, my friend: doesn't matter who did the sinning, we're all doing the penance. In other words, the skunk's gone, but the smell remains. The system of influence and greed that he and many other presidents help put in place remains. My fear is that even Obama might not be above its influence.

Then there's the future. It worries me. Let's say Obama magically fixes everything, what happens with the next president? Will it be a step backwards? Diversity is a wonderful thing. It is our strength, but it can also be a weakness if we cannot break through the political paralysis in which America seems to always exist.

In the meantime, I almost miss the Bush years. It's like an ex-con who almost misses prison. Not because he had a wonderful time there, but because his prayers for freedom have finally been answered. Now, however, he is on the outside and worries if things will ever resemble what they once were before his incarceration--not to mention that distant hope that someday things could possibly get better.

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