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Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Information Resources on the Web

Based on my experience in library school, websearching, and working in libraries, I found these free links. Although I admit that this is not completely exhaustive, these links cover a range of areas.

General Resources

Reference, Facts, News:

Internet Public Library:

Library Spot:


The layman's finance crisis glossary:

Congress and Senate:

Congressional votes:

Arts and Humanities

Purdue Online Writing Lab:

Internet Movie Database:

Project Guttenberg (E-Books):


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:



American Fact Finder :

CIA World Factbook:


Chemical Resources:


National Institute of Health (Health from A-Z):

Tour the Human Body:

Internet Terms and Glossaries

List of Google Operators and Search Terms:

University of Cal-Berkeley Glossary of Internet terms:

The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary:

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