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Monday, November 5, 2012

Meatloaf, WTF???

Marvin Aday, I'm talking to you.

How could you endorse Romney? Are you that desperate for the limelight that you would hang around that empty suit? I love you Meatloaf and I'd do anything for love. Vote for Romney? Well, I won't do that.

Mr. Aday you have a great life. You are a famous singer, you were in Fight Club, and your on-air blow up at Gary Busey is legendary. You even have the coolest son-in-law in the world.  He even hooked you up with Chuck D. to do a song on your new album. Maybe you should ask Chuck D. what he thinks about Romney. But first make sure that there aren't any kids in the room.

All I can do is wonder why and shake my head in disappointment. Oh, Mr. Loaf,  how could you? 

Maybe I'm not really mad at you, Marvin.  Maybe I'm taking my anger out on you instead of the near half of the country that plans on voting for Romney.  I don't understand how they could even think of voting for such an ass.

Sure everyone wants to be civil, but sometimes you have to call an ass an ass.  And that's what he is, an ass.  What else would you call someone who showed such blatant disrespect to the other half of the country by calling them lazy and hooked on the government? He's a man who changes his opinion daily to fit what he thinks people want to hear.  He also believes you should revere him and his wealth, and by virtue of that, elect him to run the country.  And to smugly snark at climate change and global warming the way he did during his convention speech? Global Warming is the most serious problem we face and could lead to the deaths of millions of people worldwide. Certainly not a laughing matter, you ass.

Sure I hope Obama wins.  But having said all of the above, I must make this point: If Romney wins fair and square I will accept it. I will respect the choice of more than half the country. I will move on and hope for the best even if my confidence in this country's future is completely shaken.  I will be grateful if I can look back years from now and view Romney as one of the greatest presidents we've ever had. 

 But if years later I view Romney's presidency as one of the worst ever, I have only one question:

"Meatloaf, what the $%$???"


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