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Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 election and some thoughts

--A message sent to the GOP: your dirty tricks won't work.

We saw part of the dirty tricks, voter suppression, play out on election night with the long lines.  Fortunately it became an inspiration and a victory of spirit.  Let's celebrate it but work to see that that does not happen again.   

--As someone who pretty much votes with a majority of African Americans, I am disappointed--as usual--in a lot of my white brethren.  I watched them vote in George Bush, members of the tea party, and even vote for Mitt Romney.  Maybe instead of voting for "the black guy", most African Americans might just vote for good candidates over the awful ones.  Sure they got more excited for "the black guy" winning.   But why not? They spent years voting for the lesser-of-two-evils white guy .  Why not get excited because you voted for a competent, charismatic African American in a country where black people were once slaves and have been pretty much getting a raw deal ever since emancipation. I too, as well as other whites, was excited on November of 2008.

Now they celebrate a victory over hatred and bigotry. The right wing threw everything they could at not just Obama but against black voters themselves.  And to say that a majority of blacks voted for Obama because he was black, what about Latinos (71%) and Asians (73%!)?

--Besides Mitt Romney and some senate candidates losing, their agenda also lost.  No abortion for rape victims and dying mothers, austerity, tax cuts, inhumane treatment of immigrants--all (or so I hope) in the past. You can now light up a doob in Colorado, and marry your gay lover in Maryland.*

 --Sour grapes? More like rotten grapes.  The despair and disappointment by Romney supporters on Tuesday turned into ugliness and hatred on Wednesday.  I read some posts by people on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter who mourned the loss of their country and their values. They believed that a democratic majority had doomed this country.  I was disheartened to see so many people making themselves sick with worry over such nonsense.  I think they would do themselves a favor to turn off Fox News and talk-radio for a while, take a long walk, and think things over.  They may come to understand that it is not the end of the world (except for the ones that think Obama's the Antichrist), accept that this country is going in a direction they might not like, and look for ways to still be involved in the shaping of their country (That's what I did in 2004).

As for me I am happy with the national election results and know that this is only the beginning and not the end of the journey.   


*OK. As homogenous as the GOP may look, some support marijuana legalization and gay marriage.  

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