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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Novel Synopsis

This is a first draft of my novel query (short synopsis):

Please consider my novel, "The Noise of Endless Wars".  Cadmus, Michigan is a mid-sized city like many others in the Midwest: harsh winters, racial tensions, vast income inequality, and economic downturns.  Four characters, two sets of siblings from two families with no obstensible connection, strive for meaning and definition within the city's boundaries.

George Gordon (formerly known as Hathorne) tries to escape his family name and the dark, brutal history it hides under its fortune and its prestige as one of the city's founding families.  He seeks self-actualization in sexual copulation, and fights the current Hathorne corporation.  His younger sister, Virginia Hathorne, has taken the family name and legacy and has built  a vast fortune through both legal and illegal means.  Emmanuel Newman just out of prison, repudiates his past with sights on a future life but must find the father who killed his mother when he was only a child.  Ultimately he seeks to reconnect with a past he never known.  He has a half-sister he has never met, Isabel Butler, a woman also without a father or mother who feels trapped in a hapless cycle of stagnation she cannot escape.  Contemplating suicide, she receives a phone that changes her life.

These four separate protagonists and their separate paths and world views eventually converge after events bring them together in a moment that may change them all and the city they inhabit.

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